What is Allocate?

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Do I have to Allocate every Route?

I have clicked Allocate widget but I cannot see the DOCK view.

How do I select a collection slot?

How do I know if I have a Route to allocate?

Can I change a collection slot once I have selected it?

Can I change the collection date?


What is Tracking?

Why do I need to do this?

If i already provide tracking do I still need to do this?

I can't add a POD or cost addition to my invoice. Whats gone wrong?


What is POD?

How can I send you a POD?

Can I send multiple POD's at once?

How do I know when I need to upload a POD?

How do I know the POD reference to rename the image to?

I have a POD error on upload. What do I do?


What is Invoice?

In Event, an Invoice is a consolidation of Routes. As soon as you confirm a Route is delivered, it is added to an invoice. The invoice grows as more Routes are added to it until the invoice end date is reached and the invoice becomes ready for payment.

How does an invoice get created?

An invoice is created the moment you confirm a Route is delivered. We create the invoice reference for you and show it against each Route. This invoice reference must be added to the physical invoice to match for payment.

How do I add cost additions?

Please see the guide below called 'Adding cost additions'.

What is a cost addition?

A Route generally has a rate associated to it. Occassionally something will happen on a Route that requires an additional cost. We call this a cost addition. A cost addition can be added at either Route or Stop level.

How do I know I need to upload an invoice?

How do I upload an invoice?

The CONNECT assistant will tell you when an invoice is ready to upload. (see the guide below these questions) You must create an invoice in PDF format, the simply upload to Event. Event will pass to the customer who will check and action it.

My invoice has been rejected. What do i do now?

You will need to follow the CONNECT assistant and upload a new invoice.

Why can't I upload an invoice?

For an invoice to have its upload activated it must pass certain conditions. 1. All Routes with a collection date within an invoice period must be confirmed as delivered 2. All the Routes on the invoice must be agreed. 3. All cost additions must be approved or rejected by the customer. 4. The invoice period must have finished (00:01 Sunday morning)

Can I add multiple invoices?

No. An invoice represents a period of time. Currently this is pre-defined to a week. As you agree routes they will fill up an invoice. A route is associated to an invoice based on its collection date but only added to the invoice when delivery is confirmed. When all the routes are confirmed as delivered and agreed the the invoice will close. You will then be instructed to add an invoice. If a Route is agreed to be added after this invoice is rasied and approved then a new invoice will need to be raised.

What is an invoice period?

As a default, an invoice runs from 00:01 Sunday morning for a full week. A Route with a collection date that falls within this period will be added to the invoice. The invoice cannot close until all the Routes on the invoice have been agreed and any cost additions have been approved or rejected.

How do I add fuel surcharge

Currently a fuel surcharge must be added to a Route as a Route cost addition using the fuel surcharge reason type.

Getting started with CONNECT

What is CONNECT?

From collection to invoice, CONNECT is your all in one application to get work smarter. It is simply a carrier portal that provides consolidated information from all the 3T accounts a carrier works for in one place. It brings together plan confirmation, POD upload and cost management and invoicing. CONNECT is a web based application and can be accessed from: Everything in one place.

How does it work?

CONNECT works as a process flow from accepting a job through to invoicing the job. At each step in the journey of the Route the CONNECT assistant will tell you what needs to be done. From 'you need to accept the Route and choose a collection time' to 'you have an invoice to upload'. As you complete each action the next one becomes available. For example, you cannot action a Route cost until you have confirmed delivery.

What will I see?

CONNECT is a very visual tool. There is a section to show the Route summary, the actions required for each Route and the Dashboard widgets that tell you the status of each main action. See the tutorial below these questions for a more detailed tour.... The CONNECT screen will only show LIVE Routes. These are defined as: 'Any Route that has been offered to you and not actioned through to on an invoice that has yet to be approved by the Customer'. If you reject a Route offer we will remove immediately. When an invoice you have uploaded gets approved we will immediately remove all associated Routes from the CONNECT view, so you only ever see Routes that mean something to you.

How do I get access to CONNECT

When you start to work for an Account, the Account admin will invite you to join. The guide below explains what will happen.

Why would i want to use it?